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Cookies are small tidbits of data that are used to track down the user’s device when the user visits a particular website. This website uses cookies to identify and track the user’s device, be it a cellphone or a laptop or desktop and to remember the user’s preferences while engaging with a website. They are also used to differentiate between logged in and non logged in users. is no different. We use cookies for all the aforementioned things, thereby making the user’s experience on the
website better in every way.
There are different types of cookies we use for the desktop versions of our websites: Default cookies: These are cookies that are enabled by default. These cookies are needed to make the website load properly and for certain features of the website to work properly.Flash cookies: These are needed for certain components like embedded videos on the site to work, particularly those that are based on Adobe Flash Player. These are also enabled always.
Analytical cookies: Analytical cookies are always enabled. These are used for analyzing a particular user’s behaviour as he or she browses through the website.They are also used to track user preferences across the pages of the website. For example, how many users visit the website. The data collected by analytical cookies is anonymous, meaning it cannot be tracked back to a user in particular. We use this data to gauge how many users visit the website daily, and which pages of the websites show the highest number of users. These cookies are also always enabled. They are third party cookies and are used by Google Analytics and ComScore. ComScore uses this data to rank websites across digital media based on the number of unique visitors.You can find out more about ComScore by clicking on the link below: Rankings - ComScore, Inc.Optional cookies: These cookies are not enabled by default, rather they are the cookies that are enabled when the user clicks on the “I Accept” checkbox, that pops up when the user visits the website. These include cookies from Facebook and other social media websites and advertising cookies like those from Google Adsense. These cookies are used to show you targeted advertising on our websites. The data these cookies store is shared with other third parties. However, this is never done without taking the user’s consent first. The optional third party cookies are governed by the privacy policy and/or cookie policy of the other websites and Jagran Prakashan and its affiliates have no control over them. The user should make himself aware of the privacy policies of third parties to know what data of his is being shared with third parties and how it is being used.Data collected for the mobile versions of and its affiliated websites: If users use a cellphone or a tablet for browsing our websites, we will additionally collect data pertaining to their location and device. For example we may collect data from Geo-location of the device and may use certain identifiers similar to IP address to identify and remember the device.

Removing Cookies: If the user wishes to, he or she can remove the cookies that are stored on his or her computer after he or she visits the website. A user can even change his browser settings to reject or block all optional cookies.Notification of Changes to this cookie policy: The user will be notified whenever Jagran Prakashan Ltd, the entity that controls, makes changes to this policy. It is always a good idea for users to familiarize themselves with the changes, if any.

Contact us: In case users wish to know anything more or they have any issues or concerns, they can get in touch with the Grievance Redress Officer at Jagran New

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